Crop-Paper-Scissors goes to Peru!


Last month one of our employees traveled down to Peru in South America with scrap biking supplies so the children could make some fun, colorful crafts! Here is the letter she sent to thank us!

“Thank you Crop-Paper-Scissors!

I wanted to thank you for your generous donation in March to Kids Alive International. Last month I was blessed to be able to spend eight days in Peru, thanks to a huge earthquake in Chile. I went with the intent to see how the organization Kids Alive International was serving the poverty sticken areas in Peru. While there I spent time in several different types of climates and atmospheres: Lima (Coastal city), Pulcallpa (the jungle), Cuzco (the mountains), Machu Picchu (Andes Mountains) and Manchay (the dessert). I was able to see several of the projects there including the Oasis Care Center, the Juniper Tree Children’s Home, and The Pulcallpa Care Center.

From the Kids Alive website, I was able to get a lot of statistics. Currently in Peru, about 11% of the born children will die before the age of five. Out of the ones who survive, nearly 20% of the children are forced to work as child laborers to help their family survive. More than half of the population lives on two dollars a day, well below the poverty line. On top of this, over 570,000 orphans are on the streets. This is why Kids Alive International is in Peru. Right now, Kids Alive is working to expand what they are doing to reach more children, as well as families as a whole. At this time, they are serving more than 300 children through medical help, meals, and education. They give the kids a place to go to be safe. Their goal is to break the cycle of poverty, and they are succeeding.

While I was there, it was so amazing to see children who understood their situation, and wanted to be different; wanted to be better. One of my favorite people (out of many) was a thirteen-year-old girl name Vanessa. She is an orphan who lives in the Juniper Tree Home with her younger sister. She also spoke almost perfect English. One of the things taught in the schools is English, but she loved it so much that she worked harder than many of the other children to get ahead. While I was there, she acted as a translator for me to the other children. It was a really humbling thing for me to see someone going after their dream so fervently. Her goal is to go to school in Florida and learn other languages. Before I left, I told her to do it, and if she needed a place to stay in the states that she was always welcome to stay with me. Her eyes teared up and said, “You are acting like a mother. I wish you were my mother.” I almost cried then as well, because I was nearly old enough by Peruvian standards, to realistically be her mom.

Thank you for blessing me in being able to bring down crafting supplies to this region. I also have enclosed some photos from the trip. Please enjoy! Have a blessed day,

Avery Jackson”

***And don’t forget! This weekend is the All Weekend Crop! Come in Friday from 6 pm till Midnight for a pizza dinner for just $15! Then, on Saturday we have an All Day Crop! From 10 am till Midnight we will be enjoying snacks and drinks while crafting, then that night we will have a catered dinner! All for just $25, so call or stop by to reserve your spots today!

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