Getting a Head Start for Valentines Day!

With the All-Crop-Weekend a HUGE success, we are excited to hold an All-Crop-Night this Saturday, the 8th, from six till Midnight, and another one on Friday the 21st. The cover is just $10 to cover all of the snacks and drinks!

Of course there will still be door prizes!

A class will be held this Saturday as well at 10:30. We will be making a Mini-Album with cold out pages where you can put fun photos! The cost is just $35 and you leave with a beautiful album (See photos)

And we know Valentines Day is nearly a week away, which mean you need to get your children’s Valentines Day cards ready to go to school with them. Why not head to the Crop-Paper-Scissors crop room with your glue and scissors and do them here? We have so much new inventory on the shelves, perfect for you and your kids to be creative! Have fun and leave your mess here!

You can call ahead and reserve a table if you want!

I hope to see you this Saturday for the 10:30 class and the Crop-Night at 6!

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