A Love Story Just in Time for Valentines Day

This week is dedicated to love. Valentines Day is about showing love and appriciation to those close to you, be it to a friend, a family member, or a sweetheart (I guess cats count to).

Just yesterday, a man walked into our store wanting to buy something special, not just for Valentines Day, but for his 15th aniversury with his longtime girlfriend today.

This morning, he asked her to marry him! And (fingers crossed) we hope she said yes!

He picked out some fun scrapbook paper to write a letter on and cut up to write little love notes with.

He bought one of our tall picture holders to clip photos of the two of them with their family, as well as some of the little notes he made.

Here at Crop-Paper-Scissors we love to watch stories like this unfold.

Every wedding we help with, we love learning about the bride and groom and celebrating them while planning details. for their special day!

Events like birthday parties, family reunions, sorority meetings, baby showers, and more are very fun and important for us!

Come on in and create invitations or find fun things for your special event today!

Unnamed Kevin Chambers is excited about his future wife!

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